New image for Tor Books

Our second image "mermaid" for went live! Our art accompanies the new story "Men Who Wish to Drown" by Elizabeth Fama on the Tor website. We would like to thank the art director Irene Gallo and the author Elisabeth Fama for this wonderful project! presents original short fiction, new sequential art, extensive art galleries, and commentary on science fiction and related subjects by a wide range of writers from all corners of the science fiction and fantasy field; both professionals working in the genres and fans.

About the story: "Cited as the only extant firsthand record of a mermaid encounter in New England waters, this deathbed letter from a great-grandfather to his great-grandson is more likely an instructive fiction—a parable of regret. Supposedly corroborating the mermaid story, a ship’s log (in the collection of the Provincetown Historical Museum) of the schooner Hannah, which plucked Mr. Stanton from South Weepecket in 1788, indicates that the crew saw two figures on the island prior to the rescue, but failed to locate a second victim. However, regarding accuracy and reliability, this is the same crew under Captain John Merriweather that reported sightings of a ghost ship and not one, but two sea monsters.

About the Author: Elizabeth Fama is a young-adult author, best known for her book Overboard (Cricket Books, 2002), a novel for ages 11 and up, set in Indonesia. It was named a 2003 Best Book for Young Adults by the American Library Association (one of only eleven books selected unanimously by the committee that year), it received the 2002-2003 honor award for children's fiction from the Society of Midland Authors, and it was nominated for five state readers' choice awards (New Hampshire, Texas, Illinois, Utah, and Florida).[1]