New cover "My Book of Life by Angel"

We have created the illustration for the cover of the book  "My Book of Life by Angel" by Martine Leavitt for the the Groundwood Books Canadian publisher. Our image has been greatly appreciated by the author. The publisher has received a note from Martine Leavitt saying how much she loves the Canadian edition of Angel  -- "when the Canadian girl looks in my eyes, I find it hard to look away. The artist captured her pain and her innocence and vulnerability. Amazing." They are very beautiful compliments. We would like to thank the author Martine Leavitt and Groundwood Books for this wonderful project.

The book is on sale on amazon.caAbout this Story: it starts when Call sees sixteen-year-old Angel stealing shoes at the mall. He just buys her Chinese food at first, but before long Call is supplying her with "candy" and saying he loves her. Angel ends up living with him and walking the Kiddy Stroll in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside — a neighbourhood with a reputation for being the poorest postal code in the country, with one of the highest rates of HIV infection in the world. When Angel's best friend Serena goes missing, Angel starts to pay attention to the stories of other girls who have disappeared, and a mysterious Mr. P. who drives a van with tinted windows. But Call tells her she's crazy to worry, and the police turn a blind eye. And Angel remains trapped in her street life.

About the Author: Martine Leavitt is the author of Governor General's Award finalist Heck Superhero and National Book Award finalist Keturah and Lord Death. She lives in High River, Alberta.