We illustrated the op-page of the NY Times Sunday Review

We illustrated the opinion page of the New York Times Sunday Review published: 31 March 2013. The title of the Sunday Dialog is: Choosing How We Die. Should it be legal for doctors to help end dying patients’ lives? About our artwork, the topic is very sensitive and complex. We have chosen a spiritual interpretation. The hand suggests the presence of a medical aid. The patient's body is freed from the pipes that block him. The body is dematerialized in the sky. He find a way out…"In this modern world, millions of us will live for two or three years with a condition that ultimately kills us; millions more will have our minds fail from dementia or stroke. In the course of such illnesses, people want to live as well as they can, despite increasing dependence on others for basic care, and the subsequent loss of dignity and independence" by JANICE LYNCH SCHUSTER (Ms. Lynch Schuster is a senior writer at the Center for Elder Care and Advanced Illness, Altarum Institute).