Cover: The Prince of the City of Sand

Out on April 22, published by Oscar Mondadori Junior (Italy 2014), The Prince of the City of Sand by Pierdomenico Baccalario, Enzo D'Alò, Gaston Kaboré tells the story of the little girl Rokia. Rokia in his small town can not imagine the adventure that is destined to live and that his grandfather, the Sing-stories of the village, has been preparing with his twin brother since they saw how the Prince of Sand killed his father when they were still children....

Almost everyone in that tiny village where he lives Rokia live outside the danger that awaits the world. Only the twins Matuke a sing-stories, and his brother Setuké, the Shaman, have to struggle every day to prevent the Prince of Arena locate his whereabouts and finish with them to feed their souls…..

Cover art:

The small Rokia
Acrylic and digital
©2014 Anna+Elena=Balbusso