Wonderful news! We have won the prestigious Stevan Dohanos Award of the Society of Illustrators of New York with our art “The Blood of Eden”, best in this year's members show “Drawn to the Music”. Thank you so much to the Curator Leslie Cober-Gentry, to the Jury of the Society of Illustrators! Thank you so much for this honor. We are very grateful and we want to share this award with all our fans. This award encourages us to continue our own research and improve. The Stevan Dohanos Award, named in honor of the Federal office muralist and American painter, honors the best piece in the show. We join a list of wonderful illustrators from the past years: Leigh Grant, Ted Lewin, James Bennett, Lisa Falkenstern, Rafal Olbinski, Robert E. McGinnis, Al Lorenz, Jonathan Bouw,Jerry Pinkney, Gregory Manchess, Kam Mak, Joe Ciardiello, Mark Stutzman, Chad Wallace, Stephen Gardner, Guy Billout, Jason Raish, Stephen Kroninger, Bil Donovan, Anna and Elena Balbusso

Our piece was chosen by 4 jurors, 3 that have won this award in the past, one juror who is in the Society of Illustrators Hall of Fame. Our art “The Blood of Eden” is our free interpretation of the line from the lyrics of the song: Peter Gabriel - Blood of eden (Peter Gabriel's 1992 album Us)

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Stevan Dohanos Award

Exhibit Info
Drawn to the Music: 27th Members Open curated by Leslie Cober-Gentry
Museum of American Illustration,  New York
October 25, 2016 to December 30, 2016
Opening Reception: Friday, November 4th.