Latest book: First Love by Turgenev

We are very proud to announce that our latest illustrated book "First Love" by Ivan Turgenev was published in June 2011 by the historic British Publisher The Folio Society (since 1947). We designed the cover and five full pages artworks, media: acrylic and digital. Please visit our portfolio painterly style

About this book: a group of middle-aged men sit together after dinner and the conversation turns to first love. One of them, Vladimir Petrovich, tells his story ... As a 16-year-old, spending the summer at his parents’ country house, he glimpses ‘a tall, slender girl in a striped pink dress’: the young princess Zinaida. She is five years older, impoverished and not particularly respectable, but he falls desperately in love with her. As she plays each of her suitors off against the other, Vladimir sinks ever deeper under her spell – until the discovery of his true rival comes as a terrible awakening.

Publisher: The Folio Society UK. Publication date: June 2011. Approx. 96 pages, Size: 11" × 7¼"