Balbusso Twins invites you to visit ILLUSTRI Festival 2019

Balbusso Twins invites you to visit ILLUSTRI Festival 2019 May 18 - June 23 2019 Basilica Palladiana, Vicenza more info:
The contemporary #illustration #exhibition curated by Illustri Festival @illustrifestival presents 11 artists: Camilla Falsini, Daniela Tieni, Elisa Seitzinger, Ilaria Faccioli, Irene Rinaldi, Anna+Elena=Balbusso Twins, Francesco Bongiorni, Menuele Fior, Marco Mazzoni, Emiliano Ponzi, Luca Font. More info on

Balbusso Twins CA's Award of Excellence Illustration Annual 60

15 Winning Images #book and #institutional categories. Thank you so much to the 2019 CA's jury and the art directors who worked with us on these amazing projects !We are very grateful! 10 images from Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged Novel published by The Folio Society 2018 - 5 images from The History of the Merrion Hotel book, design by  Design HQ, 208 Ireland.  Entries 3,941 Winners 137


Balbusso Twins new series of limited edition screen prints The Wall The blood The Face The Mask.

Dear friends,  we are vey happy to announce our first set of limited edition signed screen prints The Face, the Mask, the Wall, The Blood. Each print was produced by White Duck Printing Studio UK in 7 colours inc. metallic silver, at 50x70cm, and in an edition of 100+AP’s. Prints available on

These posters in 2018 received numerous awards!
They received the GOLD Gosee Award Illustration (Germany) and the Applied Arts Photography & Illustration Award of the Canadian Applied Arts Magazine. They were AOI WIA World Illustration Awards, UK . They were selected by the Illustrators 60 Competition of the society of illustrators NYC, USA. They featured with Merit in the 3x3 international Annual No. 15, USA.



We won the GOLD #award of the #illustration section of the Gosee Awards 2018 #competition! Thank you so much to all 120 jurors of the 2018 international competition. For 20 years, GoSee has stood for serious B-to-B communication in the global creative industry. The GoSeeAWARDS have been organized by GoSee for 15 years and call upon creatives from all over the world to submit their works free of charge – that’s photography, illustration, CGI & animation in 2018 – via GoSee where they are then viewed online by around 100 top jurors from the areas of advertising, marketing, fashion, publication,... in a total of three rounds. Here the Illustration winners: http: here our portfolio on our #portfolio on


Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, the most controversial, contested philosophical novel!

Dear friends, just to let you know, our latest illustrated novel has been published by the Folio Society! Three volumes of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, the most controversial, contested, philosophical and dystopic novel! We created the cover design, bound and blocked in metallic textured paper, and 5 colour illustrations per volume. Book review on For more details about our work process, you could read below our Q&A on Digital Arts Magazine, article titled: illustrators The Balbusso Twins on creating art for the 20th century's most controversial novel. The famed illustrating duo talk mixing Futuris with bygone Hollywood cinema for a new Folio Society edition of Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged. Many Thanks for your attention, your comments are very appreciated! All the Best. Balbusso twins. The 3-volume set are available on Here our Q&A:




2018 AOI WIA World Illustration Awards Shortlisted! three projects

The Association of Illustrators, in partnership with Directory of Illustration, informed us that our three entries have been shortlisted by the jury for the World Illustration Awards 2018. We are very proud, many thanks to the jury! Books: The History of the Merrion Hotel, Design HQ, Ireland. Childrens book: Make the earth your companion, Creative Editions US Experimental: The Handmaid's Tale posters, personal project. Here the shortlist: Here the gallery about the London exhibition at Somerset House from 7 – 20 June 2018. Here the gallery about  our series of portraits of historical figures who lived in the four Georgian Houses that now comprise the Merrion Hotel in Dublin for the book “The History of the Merrion Hotel”. Existing architectural detailing in the backgrounds such as ceiling rosettes and stuccoes, floor designs, decorative details of furnishings, doors and wallpapers.

CA’s Award of Excellence of the 59th CA Illustration Annual Competition

So proud for the CA’s Award of Excellence of the 59th CA Illustration Annual Competition! Our Six Tudor Queens portraits Series has been selected for inclusion in the 2018 Communication Arts Illustration Annual. Jane Seymour, Katherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn Queens were created for the #cover and frontispiece of Six Tudor Queens by Alison Weir, series of historical fiction following the wives of King Henry VIII, Headline Publishing 
Group, UK. Of the 4,390 entries to the 59th Illustration Annual, only 159 were accepted, representing the work of 121 artists! Thank you so much to the jury of the 59th CA Illustration Competition!

“The ART of Illustration" is coming to the Giertz Gallery at Parkland College on February 12th

Giertz Gallery at Parkland College will host "The ART of Illustration," an exhibition featuring the work of artists from around the world, starting Monday, Feb. 12. Exhibition curated by Parkland College illustration instructor Liza Wynette. She selected 10 contemporary U.S. illustrators known for their innovative work, personal style, and varying methods of creating their originals from paintbrush and gouache through digital manipulation. The exhibition will also feature books, packaging, and animation. Gallery visitors will encounter the illustrations of Anna and Elena Balbusso, Ed Binkley, Chris Buzelli, Marcos Chin, Tatsuro Kiuchi, Miriam Martincic, Bill Mayer, James Prosek, Ralph Steadman and Matt Wiley. Their works have been published throughout the world on such varied media as book jackets, children's books, classic novels, magazines, and newspapers including The New Yorker, The New York Times, National Geographic, Time, Rolling Stone, GQ, Sports Illustrated, The Village Voice, and the Wall Street Journal.