Art "Among the Thorns". This image accompanies the dark fantasy novelette  “Among the Thorns,” by Veronica Schanoes, published on Tor.com.
JOSEPH MORGAN HENNINGER AWARD is presented to the best of all the Gold Award winners and is named for SILA’s first President during our founding year in 1953.

2015 SOCIETY OF ILLUSTRATOR OF NEW YORK - ILLUSTRATORS 57 selected (exhibit and book)

We have been accepted into the Illustrators 57 exhibit and book of the Society of Illustrators of New York. 13 winning illustrations.
The Kept (Middlebury Magazine), Among the Thorns (Tor Books), Series of five images from the illustrated book "The Canterbury Tales" by Geoffrey Chaucer, Black Cat Publishing, Cover design of the illustrated book "The Queen of Spades and Other Stories" by A. Pushkin, The Folio Society, Series of five images from the illustrated book "The Queen of Spades and Other Stories" by A. Pushkin, The Folio Societyggg

2014 SILVER MEDAL, DISTINGUISHED MERIT 3x3 International ProShow No.11

Our 12 pieces have been awarded with one SILVER MEDAL ("The Canterbury Tales" illustrated book, 5 images), one DISTINGUISHED MERIT ("Pride and Prejudice" illustrated book, 5 images), one MERIT (image: Number 62) and one HONORABLE MENTION (image: Autoimmune Disease) by the international Jury of the 3x3 International ProShow No.11 Awards 2014.

2014 AMERICAN ILLUSTRATION 33 Selected Winner (book and web gallery)

Our work "Grendel" (one of the illustrations in the book: Beowulf, Black Cat Publishing 2013) has been selected to appear in the American Illustration 33 annual award book.

2013 SPECTRUM 20, 2014 SPECTRUM 21 The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art Award

2013 SPECTRUM 20: artwork selected, "Men Who Wish to Drown ", interior art, Tor.com

2014 SPECTRUM 21: our 4 artworks have been selected for inclusion into Spectrum 21: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art. Editorial Category: Burning Girls, Tor.com - Too-Clever Fox, Tor.com - Ekaterina and the Firebird, Tor.com. Book Category: Beowulf, Black Cat Publishing.


CA Award of Excellence Illustration Annual 56, the 2014 issue of Communication Arts magazine US. WINNER EDITORIAL CATEGORY: artwork "Autoimmune disease", The New Yorker Magazine 2013. WINNER BOOK CATEGORY: "Pride and Prejudice" by J. Austen, The Folio Society 2013.

2014 SOCIETY OF ILLUSTRATORS NYC US, SELECTED Illustrators 56 exhibition and book

12 images has been accepted in ILLUSTRATORS 56 - exhibition and book, Society of Illustrators NYC. Our winning images: "Burning Girl" for Tor.com, "The Blue Girl" for The New York Times Book Review (editorial category),  two series of five images of our illustrated books: "Pride and Prejudice" for Folio Society and "Beowulf" for Black Cat.

2013 3x3 PROSHOW No. 10 Winner

Our 3 entries have been selected to be published in 3x3 Professional Illustration Annual No. 10: 1- Eugene Onegin, book (5 images series), 2- An earth that nourishes, book (5 images series), 3- Blue Girl, The New York Times Book Review, editorial category.

2013 V&A BOOK ILLUSTRATION AWARD Victoria and Albert Museum, London UK

We are honored to have been named the Winners of the the V&A Illustration Awards - best book - for our illustrations for “Eugene Onegin” by Alexander Pushkin, published by the Folio Society, London 2012.

2013 AMERICAN ILLUSTRATION 32 CHOSEN Winner (website collection)

3 illustrations  have been selected to appear in the American Illustration 32 website collection:  Melancholy (book: "Eugene Onegin" by Alexander Pushkin, The Folio Society 2012), Mermaid ("Men Who Wish to Drown" by Elizabeth Fama, Tor Books), Forest ("The Witch of Duva" by Leigh Bardugo, Tor Books).