Le immagini della fantasia” exhibition

It is a great pleasure for us to participate at the 29th Exhibition “Le immagini della fantasia. Tales of the Lands of India", Sàrmede, Italy. We would like to thank the S. Zavrel Fondation. We will take part at this exhibition with two illustrations of our award-winning book INDIRA GANDHI by S. Colloredo, Edizioni El 2009. Please visit our children books portfolio.

On 22nd October 2011, Sàrmede celebrates the opening of the 29th Exhibition “le immagini della fantasia”. This is an International collection of works showing the various expressions of illustrative art as well as the exemplary creativity of authors and artists from all over the world. The collection comprises works of 40 artists from 20 countries. More than 300 original works by artists from all over the world offer visitors to the exhibition a fantastical journey through the fables, legends and stories of the various countries, told in the words of art. Alongside the works of the invited artists, the books relating to the illustrations will be exhibited, offering the best possible means of a full appreciation of the beauty of publications for children otherwise unavailable in Italy. The Exhibition and its accompanying volume is offered therefore as a means whereby its public can become aware of, and come to value, the work produced in this field from year to year, at an international level. It is the aim of the organisers of the Exhibition to present new tendencies and the most original developments in contemporary illustration to an ever-increasing public.

AWARDS: children book INDIRA GANDHI, Edizioni El 2009
2011-12 Selected: Luerzer's Archive "200 best illustrators worldlwide"
2010 SILVER MEDAL: Children's Show 3X3 No.7 competition 3x3 Magazine NY - US
2010 Selected: Society of Illustrators NYC US Illustrators 52 - exhibition and book
2010 Award: APPLIED ARTS MAGAZINE Photography & Illustration Awards Annual CANADA
2009 CA's AWARD OF EXCELLENCE Illustration Annual 50, Communication Arts magazine US

Mysterious Europe and India

For centuries, the adjective ‘mysterious’ used by European travellers to refer to India has revealed a superficial approach, an alibi so as not to truly have to venture into the depths of
thousands of years of Indian culture. Yet it was the Europeans who, in the 1800 as they
passionately translated ancient texts in Sanskrit – a language solely used by the Brahmin caste – ensured that the Indian culture became widely known among the Indians themselves.
Europe and India, a historical relationship characterised by shadows, by foolish mistakes, yet also – currently – by a great desire for knowledge and a mutual fascination.
A passion that European illustrators demonstrate at Sàrmede in the unpublished representation of India's fairytale imagination.

Publication of the book

On the occasion of the 29th Exhibition, the book “The Great Tree of Rebirth, Tales from the Lands of India” will be published by Franco Cosimo Panini Editore in collaboration with “le immagini della fantasia”, illustrated by 8 European illustrators. Texts: Luigi Dal Cin - Project organiser: Monica Monachesi.

Exhibition date

Sàrmede, Le immagini della fantasia
The 29th International Exhibition of Illustrations for Children
22nd October - 18th December 2011

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