Balbusso mentioned by the Norman Rockwell Museum USA

The Norman Rockwell Museum (Stockbridge, USA) introduced a new illustration history which provides an rich resource for fans, collectors, and scholars. Anna and Elena Balbusso name has been mentioned among the illustrators of The Decade 2010-present ( section: Time Periods page 2). There is also our illustration, The Witch of Duva ( It is a great honor, Thank you so much! The website includes capsule summaries of each period of illustration, starting in the Paleolithic, and going all the way through the 20th century decade by decade. Some of the major names in illustration are featured with bios and sample images. There's also a growing collection of essays which will be written by museum staff and scholars of illustration around the world. The list of resources includes blogs, recommended books, college study programs, and interview videos. Please visit:



Norman Rockwell Museum

9 Route 183
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